Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Saturday

Dear Saturday,
If you are going to be deep and full of bottomless turns, I would appreciate it if you didn't invite all of SLC up to Snowbird. Could you please put something better on TV than all the C.S.I. re-runs? Better cartoons for the kids? Maybe you could call Friday and see if there could be an increase in late parties so no one gets out of bed until noon. All these things would be much appreciated. I mean don't get me wrong today was amazing, but please make it so there is more riding and less lines. Oh, and less of this sketchy guy in the Jeep sliding all over the road in front of me. Thanks.



  1. yes, one of my favorite posts as of late. saturday and I should have words more often.

  2. OR show, Grand Prix Contest, Sundance and the North Face Masters brings a lot of people out of the woodwork to slash our pow. I have never seen so many pros riding snowbird at once. Wait until Spring when all the yahoos are thinking about summer and we get walk on trams with 3 ft of fresh. Our intimate time with the mtn will come soon enough. Love the pictures!

  3. B careful andy. those icy roads could be very dangerous!