Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chronicles of Bicycle Commuting

Rancid road kill, angry drivers, stinky pits, frigid mornings, flat tires, bugs in your eye, and every other negative thing about commuting by bicycle all fade away when you have a commute like today's.

I didn't buy a parking pass this semester to force myself into commuting on my bike for the whole time. As the end of the semester draws near and the weather grows colder I can look back on the little rides I got to take. What is so great about bicycle commuting? It is the slower pace, the opportunity to notice things that otherwise blur by with maybe a second glance into a rearview mirror.

Tonight, probably my last time to ride my bike to school this semester due to a wonderful forecast full of snow, was one of the best of all. As I rode through the frosty air, feeling the pinch of cold, the sun just hung on the horizon pitching gold hues on everything it touched. I had to stop and snap some pictures with my phone so I could show everyone what they are missing. I am not saying that it is always a good idea, and I am not about to get rid of my car, but do it when you can and you will be granted a whole new perspective on your commute.

Today was so cold. Look how pink my eyes are. 17 degrees this morning.

The blessings of a camera phone. It was such a nice night.

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