Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain and Bikes

Rain, mud, blood, crashes, broken derailleur, brake failure, bent rim, and a whole lot of fun.  Today we were climbing up at the membrane and then some weather started to move in.  We headed to my house to make some sandwiches.  After sitting around for a while we decided we needed to keep the day going and mountain biking sounded like the ticket.  We pulled together enough bikes and Robbie, Brett, Whitney, Jeff, and I made the drive up to the summit of the alpine loop where we hit the trail head.  

We started on the Ridge Trail and then headed down South Fork Deer Creek.  The muddy conditions made for slow going and most everyone ended up on the ground at one point or another.  My derailleur somehow became entangled in something and broke off.  I took off the chain and the derailleur, lowered my seat and would run uphill and jump on for the downhill.  It was Flintstone's style. 

Brett caught a stick in the leg, Jeff's back brake wasn't really working and he dropped in on this steep bend and then lost control and tagged a tree.  He banged up his hip and elbow and then taco'ed is front rim.  It was lucky we were only a mile from the car.

We loaded every muddy bike up in the back of the truck, realized we all looked like we had crapped our pants, and then stopped by Sundance to use the hose and grab some hot cocoa. "Adventure Tuesday" was a success.

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  1. Parts is parts. Guess you'll be getting a new derailleur!