Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walking To Pink Pine

 I slept in. I woke up and laid on the couch. I stared at the ceiling trying to figure out what to do with my Saturday. I went through my contact list and decided to hit up my friend Brody Leven. I have had the opportunity to work with him a bit more recently because of my new job. I am the new Social Engagement Specialist for Goal Zero. A company that makes solar panels and power packs for outdoor use. Brody is an adventurer that I get to work with to develop content.

Brody and I parked at the White Pine Trailhead and then started our way toward Pink Pine. We chatted about my upcoming transition into fatherhood, travel plans, careers, and how awesome the mountains are. We finally reached where we planned on dropping in. I made my way down through some trees and found a good position to snap some photos of Brody coming down. He dunked hard and I snapped the above photo. Brody is definitely a good guy to have as a partner in the mountains. We made a couple laps and were all smiles as we rode our way out to the car.

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