Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Main Crack

Andy Earl Photo
The flick of my camera shutter on climbing outings is becoming a familiar sound to those whom I choose as climbing partners. A shoot with my friend Greg fell through this past Friday morning, luckily Parker had something in mind that he wanted to climb. We pulled together the plan for an early morning in Rock Canyon.

Shooting for me right now is quickly becoming as important to me as climbing itself. Trying to capture the moment when an individual is pushing themselves to progress speaks to me in a way I hadn't anticipated. 

Parker has been a long time friend who I actually introduced to climbing. He has come a long way since that first day. He isn't sending 5.12's yet, but climbing is a personal journey and he is still fairly new to it. There are so many things you have to learn and overcome as a climber. Sometimes it is easy to look around and see others who are sending hard routes and to start comparing yourself to them. Climbing grades are there to help you push your limits, not to put you above anyone else. 

I am really happy with how these images turned out. Parker's climbing continues to progress and capturing part of his journey into traditional climbing made for a fun morning.
Rock Canyon Andy Earl Photo

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