Sunday, March 24, 2013

Days Fork in a days work

I woke up to snow in the valley, tentative plans, and a bunch of "maybe's" from potential touring partners. Eric had the morning off and he was in for something as long as he made it back to work on time. After looking at snow totals we decided Little Cottonwood Canyon would make for the best destination. The only problem was that it was closed for avalanche control work and on a Saturday that means an hour or more wait if you get there at the wrong time. We decided to wait it out. Pancakes and a movie kept me busy until Eric showed up at my door. We missed all traffic and made it up there at the perfect time.

The entire canyon was reborn. Everything was refreshed by the storm and we were surprised to be driving up with the sun shining. We knew it was going to be deep. After hitting the skin track and making some estimations we talked about dropping back in to Days Fork. We hit the Flagstaff summit and couldn't resist.

I chopped a small cornice which fell on the slope creating a small slide. It only ran for about 30-40 feet and didn't step down into any deeper layers. The snow looked safe and Eric was the first to drop. One of the best things about riding in the backcountry is dropping in to an untouched slope. Knowing that you are the first offers some sort of mental satisfaction that I can't really explain. Eric made some big sweeping turns hootin' and hollerin' the whole way down. I dropped in and did the same.

We put in a skin track back up to the ridge and hurried back to the Flagstaff summit so Eric could get back to work. It was hard to leave. There was still plenty of untouched snow around and we had just put in a skin track which would have made the laps much shorter. Eric had to be to work so we headed back to the car. 

We dropped in from the Flagstaff summit and were practically swallowed by the deep snow. Once again we rode all the way down without crossing another track. It was my deepest day of the season so far and we hit it at just the right time. It was a good day.

I finished out the day on the river in freezing temperatures. The one fish I reeled in had me feeling content and I decided to head home, warm up, and rest. I have to say this one more time, it was a good day.

Mount Superior

Heading home
White room
Smiles and high fives

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