Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Windless snow storms are unique. Every other type of storm creates noise. Rain falls hard, winds howl, lightning and thunder crash, but Snow? What does it do? It captures sound and doesn't let it go.

David Kaplan and I went for a short tour up Big Cottonwood Canyon the other morning and made our way up through some low angle trees. As we hiked the through the freshly fallen snow it was remarkably silent. The only sounds we heard all morning, other than our own, came from another party dropping into a line and screaming with joy all the way down.

As David skied away from me I took a moment to look around and listen. I couldn't hear the hum of my computer. There was no traffic in the distance. There weren't even any planes overhead. In today's world it is almost impossible to forget about civilization because it is always there. Snow helps you get away from it all. The next time a big storm like this comes, take the time to get away and listen to the silence.


  1. The silence of snow has always been super magical to me. One of my favorite things still is being outside shoveling snow while the snow is still falling and no one is outside. It's insane peaceful!!

    1. For sure Kelly! It is crazy how quiet it gets.