Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Moab Anniversary

31,536,000 seconds equals 525,000 minutes which turns into 8760 hours that make 365 days which make up 12 months and equal one year. Roughly. Neena and I have been married for one full year. To celebrate we headed to Moab with some friends back in October.

Moab greeted us with rain. Lots and lots of rain. We got our tent set up in between the bursts of rain and settled in for a long night. The next day brought more rain and that changed our plans dramatically. Rather than spending the day on the river, we went for a hike and just hung out together. We drove around Moab and ended up in the musical park for a few hours.

The next day brought warm temps and clear skies. We headed out to a crag called the ice cream parlor and got in some good climbing. That night Neena and I went out to dinner and spent the night in a hotel to celebrate. It was an awesome evening or relaxing together.

We spent the next day on the river with everyone. Good times, good food, and good company. 

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