Sunday, May 13, 2012

Castleton Tower

I was midway into the first pitch on the North Chimney on Castleton Tower with my right arm wedged deep in a crack and my left hand pulling outward on another. As I pulled upward my left hand sudenly slipped off of the rock, my body swung out peeling my feet from the wall. My right arm pulled downward through the crack as I started falling. I clipped a ledge on my way down flipping me upside down.

My fall was arrested by my last piece. I righted myself and looked down at Neena who had me on belay. This was the first time I had taken a fall on trad gear. "Are you okay?" Neena yelled up at me. As soon as she asked I noticed some pain in my left heel. I had bruised my heel and banged up my arm as it had pulled through the crack.

I didn't much feel like continuing to lead so I had Chase and Emily, who had gone up ahead of us, lower a rope down to me. After climbing up and having Neena follow, we decided it was the end of the road for us. Chase and Emily continued on as we rappelled down.

It was a long walk out for Neena and I. We eventually made it back to the car and lounged around until we saw Chase and Emily start to descend. This was my first time on a desert tower and it wont be the last. I will go back and finish leading this route this fall. I can't wait.

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