Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekender: Atomic Indian

This past weekend I was supposed to be up in the Pacific North West snowboarding... but the trip ended up falling apart last second. I was pretty bummed but luckily Tanner was still wanting to make something happen so we went on a climbing trip to St. George. 

Tanner picked me up in his Dad's natural gas car and then Austin, Nicole, and Curtis all piled in and we were on our way. I ended up falling asleep for most of the ride, but I did catch the tail end of an interesting conversation that I will leave in the CNG Civic. 

We woke up and headed up Snow Canyon to climb Atomic Indian. This was my first crack climb and I think I can see myself getting addicted.
Taping up. The gloves are an art form that we all are in the process of perfecting.

Curtis crushing it.
Curtis is awesome.
I will be back to lead this one. I am not quite there yet.
Tanner and Curtis decided to go all in on this crack and not use the wall bumping it up a few letter grades.

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  1. WAY COOL! you addicted? nah thats not like you at all...
    ps did you get our birthday message? capri singing to you? your birthday looked fun :)
    -alicia.. not the spanish one. (uh-leeesh-uh)