Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Story

She had no idea it was coming. After getting home from Timp Wednesday morning I grabbed my paycheck and headed over to Wilson Diamonds where my good friend Matt Wilson works. Neena and I had stopped by a few weeks back on our way to the restaurant next door, so we both had a little bit of an idea of what she wanted. I was at the register pretty quick and it suddenly hit me what I was doing... I started freaking out inside. I walked out of there with a ring and everything got real... Really real. After getting permission the night before from her Dad, I started scheming.

The next day I tried to make things seem as casual as possible. We met at Costco so I could buy some dog food and we grabbed a bite to eat. The wind had kicked up blowing branches from trees and filling the air with dust threatening to foil my plan, but I was set on making it happen. She was being a champ and going along with my idea of going climbing in a storm. 

As we drove up to Rock Canyon the wind suddenly calmed, I definitely had some help from above. We have done the climb I selected a couple times now so it just seemed like a routine thing. As I climbed past her onto the second pitch the sun started to set painting everything gold. The minutes ticked by and it just kept getting prettier. I was surprisingly calm as she came up the last bit of the climb. 

I told her to grab her camera out of the bag and to snap some photos, meanwhile I was pulling the ring out of my pocket. I then proceeded to say a bunch of mushy love stuff and then I asked her. She cried and nodded her head a lot before being able to say yes. We are now engaged. We sat and enjoyed the sunset before heading down.


  1. So many cool things about what's going on here. I would read through your posts asking myself, "Self, why doesn't this Earl guy ask that one guy to be his wife?" Well done, well done. Best of luck to you both. I think you'll somehow make the most of life.

  2. What lucky girl Neena is! And what an amazing setting for such a special moment. The photos by themselves are so moving.

    Probably will be in your neck of the woods for OR, btw.