Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cascade Peak

I think my days of getting out this early are done for the season... the only thing that will get me back on my splitboard is a camping trip or another crack at the Grunge Couloir.

For some reason I didn't hear my alarm but I heard the single "beep" of Jeremy's text telling me he was at my front door. I bolted to get ready grabbing my gear as I ran to the door. 3:30 a.m. is something you can't get used to. We met Ryan Dittmar at the mouth of Provo Canyon and headed for Squaw Peak. The dirt road that goes from Squaw to the Rock Canyon Campground was just opened so we drove as far as we could before getting to the snow that blocked the road. We got out, put on our crampons and went straight up the west face of Cascade. 

Today was all about the ascent, we knew the snow wasn't going to be that good. If we had more time we could have dropped into the east face for some good corn, but we rode down "Pole Chute" instead. The snow was pretty beat but the zone was amazing. The west face is a scary place for the majority of the season. There are only long narrow chutes down the face, most of which cliff out at some point. The mountain is almost a perfect storm for avalanches, there is no escape and all these awesome chutes can funnel everything down on you. I hope one day I can catch perfect conditions and ride these in perfect snow...

Still, there is nothing like walking a ridgeline. It will never get old. Ever.



 Cascade Peak
 Provo Peak

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  1. You are everyone I wish I could be rolled into one.