Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brain Full of Spiders 5.9+

I suddenly looked up to see Tanner free falling into space. The rope suddenly went tight and pulled me into the wall arresting his fall. The rock on these south faces is always suspect because of ice breakage during the winter months. Tanner's hold had broken off causing him to peel off the wall. The difficulty rating of this climb, 5.9+, is definitely a little vague. The first pitch was harder than we both thought it would be. The moves were awkward and the rock was crappy, but the rest of the climb made up for it.

Tanner pulled himself back to the spot where he fell and started his way up again. Just as he passed the hardest part I looked up to see yet another falling human figure, this one wasn't Tanner. Suicide? This would be the place I guess. As this dark figure plummeted I saw his parachute begin to pull. The snap of his chute scared the crap out of Tanner. He looked back down at me thinking he had knocked a huge rock off the wall.

It is always fun to get out with Tanner, he is probably one of the most mellow guys I know.

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