Sunday, May 29, 2011

Racing Cat Three

 Last Saturday was my first race as a category three racer. I upgraded last fall after the Lotoja, but the snow has been too good to be out on my bike racing. My goal for this race, the Sugarhouse Crit, was to hang on since I have had less than a week total on the bike.

About 20 minutes into the race someone a few guys in front of me hit a small pot hole and got turned taking out everyone around him. I was directly behind the pile up and locked up my brakes sliding sideways before barely missing someones wheel that protruded from the pile up. I released my brakes snapping back into a sprint to catch the group. I was the last one to latch back on as they went up the hill.

Neena came out to watch and it was a lot of fun having her there to cheer me on. I was able to mix it up and pull at the front for a bit. My head wasn't in it to place so when it came time for the final sprint I kind of just let it go. I went for it a little too early and burned out up the hill. I forgot how much I love bike racing and I want to get back in shape to really be able to have some fun.

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