Monday, May 23, 2011

Pedaling Rainy Days

 The rain has been incessant. The unrelenting downpour has left me with soggy shoes, soggy gloves, and a soggy brain. My hope has been that the snow would be deep and plentiful, but as it turns out it isn't that good and everyone is done with the season. I turned to my bike for reprieve and found some relief. The bike is always an escape, you notice all kinds of things that would normally go by in a blur as you push down on your gas pedal. When you get out and pedal you really get to notice the journey.

I lost my camera last week... I drove off with it on top of my car. Two days of adventures lost forever. Cameras are one of my favorite inventions, they trap memories and preserve them for the future. I want a new one. Maybe a Cannon T3i?...

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