Sunday, April 3, 2011


This season has been spent riding powder... lots and lots of powder... I am not complaining in the least but I have missed hitting jumps. Last week we met with Blake Nyman and Tony Pavlantos to chuck ourselves of a few different mounds of snow.

Blake and Tony are always killing it, but me? Not so much. Jumping isn't like riding a bike at all for me. I kept losing where I was in the air and just getting my butt kicked. Luckily, J. Eichhorst, a talented local photographer and graphic designer captured a few photos that made my flying falls look good. Check out his stuff here.

This jump was pretty funny, Blake and Tony dropped first and were having issues carrying speed across the flat. I thought, "I will just take an easy drop and test it out." I dropped ten feet lower than Blake and must have turned on some type of booster rocket. I came around for a 540 and looked down to see I was still a long way from landing... and was already passed Blake and Tony's landings. I put down the landing gear but was already in "OH CRAP" mode. I was sore for a few days.

This one was about a month ago in the Brighton backcountry.

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