Thursday, February 17, 2011

Provo Peak

Nearing the summit I found myself pushing hard just to get it over with. The elation of being high up on a ridge had slipped from my mind and I put blinders on transfering all my focus on moving up the ice encrusted slope. When the summit was finally within reach I pushed my legs faster and began to feel the fun seep back into my mind. I sat on the summit alone for a few minutes catching my breath. Ridges and valleys that could only be authored by God stretched out in every direction.

There is nothing like a new perspective. Gazing up from the valley always fails to depict the depth that these high places hold. Once you start up into them they change from a two dimensional backdrop to a whole different world. I think that is how most things are though, at first glance there isn't that much to see. But, as you really dig in you find that it is so much bigger than you could have imagined.

Tony Pavlantos, Zach Clanton, Parker, and I hurried down through some of the burliest ice I have ever been on. We rode with our ice axes out until we made it down to the north face. There was deep fun turns for about 2,000 vertical. We rode out as far as we could. I left the group when we got to the campground to try and make it to work. It was definitely and adventure, I know because there was a point on the dash to my car where I found myself absolutely miserable. The icy conditions helped me off of a small bridge and into an empty river bed. I was ready to be done when I got to my car.

Starting the day

Gaining the west ridge. I was breathing hard when I took this...

Zach cruising his way up the ice.

Tony making his summit push.

What a view. I can see my house...

Zach up top. He is an amazing photographer: Check him out

Taking it in.

Almost home.

What a sunset.

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