Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Southern Wasatch

The southern Wasatch always makes for an adventure. Today's tour took us through an area laden with some of the best line options I have ever seen. The snow conditions kept us in the trees, but it sent me away dreaming. Parker and I met up with Blake Nyman and photographer Jay Eichhorst.

Parker made it sound like we were going to go for a little walk with some light turns in the trees... Four hours later we were on the summit of the zone we would ride. Why I thought a tour in the southern Wasatch would be short I have no idea. The snow was worth the hike.

Just so you understand how many trees you walk through I will share this short story:

Upon returning to my house I pulled the standard little twigs out of my coat and backpack. I went to the throne to find some relief. I did my business and when I pulled out some paper to rid myself of residue I found I had a pine needle in my crack... how it got there I do not know. I had on a one piece base layer with a hood, a sweatshirt, a coat, neck gaiter, and beanie... I don't remember eating any pine in the last few days so there is only one way it could have gotten there: by force.

Behind the scenes of the podcast

Riding a slide path with fresh on top... Like mini pillows.

Parker Slash!

King Nyman

Natural halfpipe


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