Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday morning skate

Today was the first day of the season up at Snowbird. What did I do about it? I went skating. I decided to hang onto some money and meet up with Shelby and Jared to go on an early morning trip to Payson Park. We had the place to ourselves.

Shelby was tearing up the bowl. I was too... of course I was. Well now that I think back on it, I was having a rough time with it. Taking this opportunity to blame my ineptness on anything other than myself, I will blame it on my being sick. I had a cold. My sinuses are as packed as a fat kids stomach after a trip to Chuck-A-Rama. That had to have thrown off my inner ear balance and made me worse at skating. That is exactly what happened. Yup.

The morning was entertaining. Shelby skates angry. To illustrate I zoomed in and cropped a photo:

With all the fury of hell in his eye, Shelby Burton shreds the bowl. I worry about the cement if he crashes.

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