Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outdoor Retailers

A few weeks ago, before our trip to Lake Powell, I was hired on by SOAR Communications to help out at the Outdoor Retailers show up in Salt Lake. It was pretty mellow work, I just manned the press room or was out front giving the media their credentials.

The Benefit of the job was getting my buddies, Robbie and Brett, into the show. We walked around for a little bit when I had a break. They were both on missions to give some of the celebrity climbers a hard time. Here is how one situation went

Robbie casually strolls up to Alex Honold, one of the best climbers in the world who has put up some of the craziest free solos on some of the biggest walls in the world.

Robbie: Are you guys coming to the Pool Party?
Alex: I dunno?... what pool party?
Robbie: The pool party. The big pool party.
Alex: Where is it?
Robbie (with an intent smile on his face): at my friends house.

Alex started to look really confused. You could tell he was starting to think this kid was crazy. Robbie kind of cracked up and let him know he was just kidding. Alex started to laugh, he wasn't sure if it was a party that his sponsors were wanting him to go to or what the deal was. I may have not portrayed it to be as funny as it was, but I was dying. Then Brett asked Chris Sharma, the poster child of climbing, for his autograph with "thanks for the beta" written over the top of it (in climbing terms it basically means "thanks for the pointers").

All in all it was a great experience.

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