Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As the 206 miles was winding to a close we passed the five kilometers to go marker. I surveyed the group and picked a position that I thought would leave me in good placement for the sprint. Someone broke away with three kilometers to go and with the finish line in sight I wasn't going to let him hang out there. I bridged the gap, bringing the group with me, which resulted in me being on the front of the group for the last kilometer. I continued to glance back to see if anyone would be making a move. With close to 600 meters to go someone attacked but I saw it coming and jumped up in full pursuit as he passed me. I hammered everything I had left into my pedals passing him before the line claiming the field sprint for second place.

The day was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for better weather or better company. All through the day I had people I knew with me. I had a great support crew (my Mom, Neena, Jessie, and Megan) who were down to business when I needed them to be.

This year Jeff and Todd rode sections of the course. It has been awesome to have them pick up the sport and begin to race. I am excited to train this next year with them both.

It is always an interesting thing riding into Jackson. This year I was greeted by snow capped peaks and refreshingly cool temperatures. This ride closes my racing season every year, and this year I went out strong. Thanks Mom and Dad.

After over 50,000 revolutions of my pedals I ended up standing on the right of first place.

A family that races together, stays together.