Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow.... I should proof read things.

This went out to the whole USA cycling mailing list... I hope it was only the collegiate list. I put this on the back burner way too long and no one proof read it. I fixed a couple that were too embarrassing to republish. UVU got team of the month though. Good job team!

Also, just so you know, I sent in a bunch more pictures than these. I just happen to be in two of them because I am really really photogenic. Really.

Team of the Month

Utah Valley University

Essay by Andy Earl

The Utah Valley University Cycling team has risen from a halfhearted attempt at a club to a team that has become a name to be reckoned with in their region. Within the last year and a half the team has grown thanks to the efforts of Andy Creer Ph.D., the team’s anchor and advisor. His permanent presence, passion for cycling, and background in physiological testing has, and will continue to push the team to new heights.

The school has been supportive of the team’s efforts allowing an on campus criterium to take place weekly throughout the summer. This crit has allowed the local cycling community a chance to directly support the team and to race with and against them. Team members have gained experience in event planning and have learned what it takes to put on a race.

Thanks to the formation of the new Intermountain Cycling Conference the team has had, and will have, more opportunities to race, develop, and grow. Without the formation of this new conference the team would not have been able to become what it has. Without it, collegiate cycling would have remained in the shadows unbeknownst to the local cycling community.

The team had the opportunity to host the conference finals finishing second to the University of Utah. Many of the members of the team are new to racing and there has yet to be a cyclist on the team in the A category, but with time these higher categories will grow.

The team is new and there is work to be done, but they are willing to do it.

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