Monday, April 26, 2010

More IMCC finals

Saturday was a fun day on the bike. My race was 50 miles and it came down to a sprint finish. I jockeyed for position during the last 5k wanting to be third in line when things opened up. The leader went early and the guy in front of me grabbed his wheel and I latched on to his. I waited till about 100 meters and I went for it all out. I ended up taking the "W" for my category which was fun.

Our team did great and we finished 2nd to the University of Utah team on the season. I should have showed up for a few more races and helped out with the points race.

I failed to mention how I overslept and missed the team time trial.... oops. Sorry team.

Here is the conference photo, I missed it because I was out driving the course taking stuff down. We got out new team kits. They turned out pretty cool.


  1. We took the picture without you on purpose... pretty much as soon as you left we hustled together for that kodak moment.

  2. I knew it.... was it pay back for sleeping through the time trial?