Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is in the air, I see it yonder

Lately I have been negligent with carrying my camera around with me. So I am forced to pirate posts from Parker. Park City closed last Sunday, but my last day there was Friday. I met up with a few guys to film a little bit more for the podcast. Waking up to gray skies caused me to drag my feet a little bit and I didn't get on the snow until almost 11:30. By then the slush had already began to overtake the jump and turn them into mashed potatoes.

I have a little bit of paranoia when it comes to hitting jumps when it is slushy. A few years back during spring break my friends and I headed out to Big Bear, CA for some boarding followed by a few days at the beach. Our first day there we took a few laps and then I decided I like this nice 50-60 foot booter. I hit it a few times and was having a good time with it.

I rolled into it for another hit and everything was going well.... I was spinning fine. Nice.... then I over rotated slightly, got caught in the slush, bit my front edge and bam. My goggles broke apart as my face whipped into the ground. I didn't really slide much, most of my momentum was stopped in a single, back arching, whip into the ground. I bounced up as fast as I could muster and left my goggles and hat where they were. I rode down to my friends and stopped noticing a dull ache in my right hand. I snapped my index metacarpal in two. I spent the rest of the trip on opiates and had a great time sitting on the beach. I got back and got two shiny new plates in my hand with eight screws to hold it all together.

And there you have it. I do not like most jumps into slush.

So we mostly stuck to rails and fun little features today. Here is a little clip of me hitting one of them that Parker posted up.

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