Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Geek Out: A day with a legend

In the days of VHS, decent Saturday morning cartoons, and an appetite for as many pizza pockets as I could pound into my adolescent stomach, I got my hands on my first snowboard video. It wasn't the first I had seen, but it was the first that I got to borrow from my friend's older brother. TB7... I still have the whole soundtrack and entire movie so permanently engraved into my brain I am watching the opening sequence in my mind as I type. We would watch it over and over and over, day after day. It never got old.

When my boss Ben asked if I wanted to go ride Brighton with Dave Downing, one of the guys in that movie, I kind of geeked out a little (I held it in pretty good I think). Nonetheless I was stoked. Dave Downing is a legend, not to mention that I had known his name and seen all of his snowboarding movie parts since I was probably 12 years old.

There aren't too many people that I would geek out on like that but Dave was one of them for sure. All of them probably aren't on the radar of half the kids on the mountain anymore. The "celebrity" of snowboarders expires faster than a carton of milk. So to attain legend status like Dave takes a lot. My 12 year old self would have totally been so jealous. Jeremy Jones (another legend) showed up for a few laps as well. All in all it was a fun day and I was stoked.

This is Dave, my buddy Uri, A kid that works at Blindside, and Jeremy Jones. I was on the chair behind when this pick was taken.

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  1. I would geek out a bit riding with Dave too Andy.