Friday, March 26, 2010

Deadliest Warrior

Do you ever watch that show Deadliest Warrior? Well I have. I have been wondering who would win in a battle between a mountaineer and a ninja. In all actuality the gear used in mountaineering is about as vicious as anything used on ancient battlefields. What do you think? Either way it would be a pretty good match up. It would take a few chops to get through all the layers a mountaineer wears. Gore-tex is probably the real life equivalent to Mithril (The elvish armor that Frodo wears) So I think the Ninja has his work cut our for him.

I just bought the Black Diamond Contact crampons and the Raven ice axe. So basically if you are a robber and you were thinking about breaking into this place think again. How 'bout a kick in the face with two inch stainless steel spikes? Yeah. Don't even.

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