Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Return to rail gardens

Super powers. We all wish we had them. Which would you choose? I thought about flying for a bit, but I think after a while it would take the fun out of things. Climbing wouldn't really work for me anymore, What kind of adventures could you have? Especially if no one else could fly. Super strength? Nah, Why would I want to pick up a car? I can't think of a time having to move a car would have come in handy. I can't even think of a time when I wanted to move a car. For the most part I feel plenty strong.

I think the best would be to heal fast, like when you were a kid playing guns and you get shot and have to wait like 30 seconds before you can play again. Then things would still have that scare factor that make them fun, because it still hurts but you get better quicker.

Tonight we gathered to the rail gardens for some snowboarding fun, the idea was to get as many shots as we could in 60 minutes. Problem was that I wasn't landing anything. I haven't hit a handrail in a long time. I ended up with only a couple shots. Oh well, we all have our days.

The reason I bring up the wishful thought of my chosen super power is because I wake up most mornings after snowboarding sore no matter what stretches I do. It lets me know I had fun, but sometimes I get sick of being reminded.

Let me clarify that I am not complaining, simply thinking that it would be nice. As I sit here writing my left butt cheek feels like I got a solid kick from Beckham and I don't remember where this came from. Thanks for nothing Beckham.

The gang after all was said and done.

Parker with all his super nice camera stuff.


  1. glad you ventured on to my blog. check out my small photo blog too. I thought your tricks looked good, falls and all. kudos to all of you. I could never do anything like that!

  2. Dude Andy, I'm digging your blog for sure. Well done.