Sunday, December 13, 2009

Demo Day at The Canyons

Finals... They are what I should have been doing all day yesterday. Lyman gave me a call earlier in the week to help him out doing a demo up at the Canyons resort. I had to pull my lazy sleep deprived butt out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to drive through un-plowed Provo Canyon to make it there by just after 7:00. The drive up was fun and every time I get in these situations where there is a foot of snow on the road, I love my car that much more. My Subaru handled it like a champ.

We all took turns working the tent and riding throughout the day. Jeff (my brother) just happened to be up there for his work's (Skullcandy Headphones) Christmas party. FREE LUNCH! thanks Jeff!

Brian and I got talking with the guys that run the park crew up there and we might get to go shoot some film with them here in the next couple weeks. There is a good vibe going up there and it was a good day on the hill.

Brian and Lyman attempting to ski after the resort had closed up and we were waiting to pack our stuff up on the gondola.

"Skiing is sketchy as hell"- Lyman

The Demo tent. It was a mellow day... we didn't bring too many boards.

Brian Wright. One of my favorite guys to ride with.

Seriously... The morning twilight is so awesome. SO BLUE!

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