Monday, November 23, 2009

A night in my car

Spending the week in Phoenix, Arizona with my parents for Thanksgiving made me want to turn the drive down into something fun. I was hoping for a climbing buddy to make the stop in St. George a little longer, but the only buddy that ended up coming with me was Dave. He is my dog so he isn't much for climbing. The main reason I stopped in St. George was to see my grandparents. Every time I go down that way it has been hard to swing by to see them so I made it part of this trip.

After a night in the back of my car I hit up the BEAR PAW CAFE for breakfast. If passing through on your way to an adventure make it a point to eat there. It is, hands down, the best breakfast in town.

The drive was pretty, but it is just long enough to make your butt cry tears of joy when you arrive. My book-on-tape didn't last the whole drive, so Dave and I had some long heartfelt conversations about life.

It was seriously good.

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