Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maple November

I think when God decided to make conglomerate rock he just must of had a bunch of leftovers laying around so he just glued them all together in the coolest way possible. Eric, Jeff, Brett, and I took a day trip down to Maple Canyon which is just outside of Fountain Green, UT. It is just far enough away to feel like you got out of town.

We stopped at the general store in town to grab some snacks and ended up talking to the cashier for a little while about the BYU vs. New Mexico girls soccer game (to see what I am talking about click HERE) and the lady commented that it reminded her of the Olympics a while back with the figure skaters. She stopped in thought, "what was that girls name again?" and Eric came back, as sure as a person ever could be of his answer, "Monica Lewinsky." Conversation stopped as we all looked at Eric... Then we all burst out laughing. I think it took him a second to realize he was wrong and who Lewinsky actually was.

Brett and Jeff on top of the climb. Although the climb isn't to challenging the view makes it worth the venture.

A cave which houses a crap load of pigeons and their poop, but also some climbs. (We have no idea what they are rated but they look really difficult)

Its a big cave.

On our way in we were caught in a stampede. It was pretty terrifying having heaps of white fluffy sheep running at our car. I punched one. It died.

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