Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day on the Wall

Squaw Struck is a new climb that is in the process of being finished. So far it is 8 pitches and this photo is above the second. I somehow managed to delete the photos we took from my memory card so this is all I have.

The climb was amazing and, being new, had a large amount of loose rock. After finishing our ascent we started the rappel back down. We linked a couple pitches together by tying two 70 meter ropes together. I was the first to go down and about three quarters of the way down when I felt the rope shift slightly. As I casually looked up to check it out I saw a rock slightly larger than my head plummeting toward my face. I lunged into the wall narrowly missing the rock as it continued it's free fall. I am pretty glad I decided to look up.

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  1. um...I kind of like your head...glad it's still there!