Monday, September 7, 2009

Trilogy Buttress Round Two

Note to self:
Starting this wall after 7 am in the summer is a horrible idea.  

Scrambling to find another person to complete our team of four guys, I called my friend Mike to see if he would be down.  He left work and came out on our little excursion.  The plan was to go do trilogy buttress again.  We arrived and started the approach way too late (9:30 a.m.).  After sweating our way up to the wall we found what little bit of shade remained and got ready to climb.  Mike and I split the first pitch into two so we could cut down the rope drag.  Brett and Robbie did it in one using up a full 60 meter rope.

Arriving at the top of the first wall we looked at the next two and decided we should call it a day.  We really didn't want to endure anymore sun and it was the only place where we could turn back.  We tied two ropes together and rappelled off the side of the face.  The day was considerably shorter than we had planned but we were all glad to get out of the sun.

We ran into the taliban up top...
The thumbs up means it is time to go.
A long way down.
Just trying to show the top of the rappel.  It was hard to hold the camera and go down so I cut it short.  I thought I was going to drop the camera.

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