Monday, September 21, 2009


Fall brings with it the best climate for climbing, beautiful scenes of color, and the anticipation of snow.  Although school piggybacks itself into the season, the change in pace allows for it.  I pay closer attention to the weather watching the temperatures drop, I slowly acquire my new gear for the winter season, I make plans for backcountry trips and adventures, I play snowboard videos instead of skate videos at work, and I get more excited every day for what lie ahead.  

The real thing that spurred my winter "bug" was that I bought a new snowboarding pack.  I am setting up a split-board and am planning on riding a lot of backcountry this year.  Next on the list is a new avalanche shovel, probes, and an avalanche transceiver.  We are also planning a trekking trip into the sawtooth mountains.  It is wilderness protected land and that equals no snowmobiles which then interprets into untouched powder and miles of lines.  Hopefully the trip pulls together.

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall and I welcome it.  

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