Monday, August 31, 2009

Last of Summer

The looming black clouds of homework, tests, and student life now drift back into our lives.  This would be the last day free from having those thoughts nagging at the back of our minds while we blow off responsibility and have fun.  

The plan was to go early.  I woke up to the sound of rain... crap.  I let everyone know we would postpone things a few hours while we waited it out.  It let up and we were back on.  Meeting at the mouth we headed up to Cannabis Wall where we made our way across the river.  We had the grill in tow and we knew it would be a long lazy day up the canyon.

I put up the hammock and ate almost a whole pack of hot dogs.  The climbs were different but fun.  Some of the moves were awkward and uncomfortable but all in all it was a good day of climbing.  Eric had a good day and my friend Jeff threw down on some hard routes.  He was working on a 5.13a that he cut a ligament on a while back.  Hard.

We all swam in the river afterward. Robbie had to get creative and made a swimsuit out of his t-shirt.  We decided to call it a day and as I walked up the bank with the grill where I had a nice stumble.

Cooking wieners and its opposite there in the river.

Wet roads... hopefully not wet climbs.
Follow this guy (round two)
Getting the gear out.

Robbie begins each day on purpose.

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