Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Adventure Tuesday

I had a long list of "to do's" this morning (job interview, watching the Tour de France, buying a churro at Costco, etc...) so adventure tuesday got off to a late start. Robbie, Brett, and I met up with some new friends, Forrest and Caroline, at the mouth of American Fork canyon. The plan was to hit some climbing walls that would be in the shade. We started off at "Division Wall" which is located just inside the northern most entrance of North Mill Campground.

We strung up a couple climbs and had a good time. The shade kept us pretty cool in a day where the sun would cook the desire to climb right out of you. Eric Montandon showed up before to long and we finished up where we were and headed down to "The Membrane". Eric lead a fun route while we waited for another group to finish up on the climbs that we wanted to do.

Amidst these two walls these two guys showed up that were gnarly good climbers but unfortunately not good dog trainers. They had this massive crazy brown dog with ratty matted hair that would just bark and bark... chew up a log, and then bark some more for no good reason. Brett, being the dog lover that he is, decided to pet the thing and his hands came away smelling like moldy cheetos. At one point the crazy thing was grabbing huge rocks out of the river and bringing them up to us. A misplaced throw by a kid in their party lead the dog into the middle of the river where I almost found myself hoping he would be swept away. I like dogs... just not that one.

We packed up all our gear, grabbed some grub and hit up a little place up in Alpine called sliding rock. It's a natural water slide fed by ice cold run off, so it is what you would have to call refreshing... It was unusually packed so we didn't stay too long. I did have the hilarious opportunity to watch a kid slip and crotch himself on a rock. I have learned that I am not what most would call compassionate. If they aren't seriously injured I just laugh... so thats what we did. Don't worry he was fine, after a minute he could even stand up straight.

Adventure Tuesday was a success and we were glad to have Forrest and Caroline come out with us, they made the day that much more fun.

Forrest and Caroline

All hangin out in the shade

Forrest going for the roof

Really all we do is hang out and say we go climbing.

Robbie and I bobsled style.

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