Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Day Multiplied

In an effort to make the most of our summer days Brett Olsen, Robbie Welch, and I decided to go climbing tuesday morning up American Fork Canyon. We decided to hit up "The Membrane", a good climbing spot that had been wet from runoff until recently. Last year there wasn't a good way across the river this early in the year because it is so high. This year there is a great log bridge that makes it easy. The water is high and fast so crossing seems treacherous, if you fall in there is a good chance you will get wrecked.

After we made it across we were getting ready to climb when it started hailing... Really? Yeah it was hailing and then came the rain. So we went for a hike. We felt like explorers. We ended up following what we thought was a deer trail. It ended up being an approach to more climbs up top that we didn't know were there.

After exploring we went back to some good climbing. We ended up just doing the 5.10a on the far left side and then headed home hungry and in the mood for a swim. After a brief soccer game we realized the days adventure could not end. Before we knew it we were on our way to Cedar City where we stayed the night.

We woke early to grab some breakfast in St. George....I am pretty sure we all ate enough to cover our caloric intake for the whole week... Then we found some nice climbs just outside of town. The wall is on the Chuckawalla trail. We climbed the 5.9 on the far right and then did what I think was a 5.10b or c.... really not sure because we didn't bring a book.

Then it was on to Vegas to visit the wonderful Courtney Wattles where she welcomed three stinky guys that didn't have the sense to stop and pack an adequate amount of clothing.... We made a quick stop to get some new shirts so we didn't smell too bad when we showed up. The only thing we made sure we had when we left were our swim suits... and we were glad we did. What we thought would be one day of fun turned in to three.

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