Friday, June 5, 2009

My Sister Climbs

So I rolled out of bed and did the morning stumble downstairs to my bowl of captain crunch and then got ready to take my little sister and good friend Alicia climbing... (I think I am going to take a few days off after this)  Brett and Robbie were nice enough to come assist and we set up a couple routes.

Stacy did really well.  It was my first time taking her after I got her a harness for christmas.  She took a class down at SUU and I was really proud of her.  She had a run in with some bees and let go of the wall at one point... If she ever decides to lead I really hope it is a bee free day.  She and my brother Todd both have this crazy phobia of bees that I really don't understand.  I think they both feel that bees conspire against them. If your aren't allergic it really doesn't hurt that bad when they sting.  But all in all it was a successful outing.  
Alicia... I don't know what is going on here...
There goes my sister.

Kind of a cool shot... Kind of awkward that it is of my crotch... Oh well
Brett and Stacy just hanging out.

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