Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Impromptu Adventure

Yesterday I was sitting at work watching the rain come down somewhat regretting that I had ridden my bike to work.  I have a good view of the mountains from my work and I was sitting there looking at a peak called Little Pfeifferhorn.  I called up my buddy Robbie to see what he was up to and if he would be down for a little trip.  We both had nothing going on the next day so as soon as I got off I headed home to pack.  I picked up Robbie and we made out way to the trailhead with a quick stop at Walgreens for another headlamp. (I already lost the one I bought last week)

After driving a ways up Little Cottonwood Canyon we arrived and got hiking around 11:30 p.m.  A later start than we had really wanted.  The rain came and never seemed to stop.  It was coming down pretty hard but then tapered off.  For the rest of the hike it was the type of rain that just seemed to hang in the air.  Robbie and I couldn't stop laughing at how miserably awesome our situation was.  Both having the heaviest packs we ever carried (our snowboarding gear added a lot) and we were both soaked.

We had planned to make it to Red Pine Lake to set up camp.  Around 2:00 a.m.  we decided it was time to stop.  We had hit the snow line and lost the trail so we set up camp.  The rain stayed strong throughout the night.  Robbie had a hard time sleeping so we were up early and after a cup of tea we decided to survey the area.  With the snowpack the way it was, our lack of mountaineering equipment, and the weather we decided not to summit. 

We pulled out our snowboards and goofed off for a bit before making our way back down.  Our goal was adventure and we had it even though we didn't reach our destination.
We had no way to know where we were at.... with a late start this ended up looking like a good spot.
Robbie took this and I thought it looked way good with the valley in the background.
This is my disappointed face.   

A night time cup of tea.
Little Cottonwood canyon.
All I know is that we look good....
Boarding back down. 


  1. I love your adventures and Im glad you took my advice and brought a friend!

  2. Yes, you do look good :) So glad I found your blog! Your mom shared it with me... I blog at kensingtonblue.blogspot.com, but it's really boring unless you like photography or crafts :) my family blog is private, so shoot me an email if you want an invite.

    We're in London and NYC for the summer, then we'll be back in Utah finishing law school at BYU. Hopefully I'll get to see you! It's been a few years... crazy. I'll be following your adventures!